Furler Booms

Major advantages of  "in-boom systems" over  the "in-mast systems".

 The size and shape of the mainsail are not limited by in-boom systems, so you can enjoy all advantages of mainsail furling, with no compromises in performance.

Full length battens gives optimal shape and power.

A unique feature of the FurlerBoom mast track construction is, that it correctly flattens and de-powers the remaining mainsail, as reefs are taken.

Full roach, even "multihull roach" is possible, as opposed to the hollow cut leaches at the in-mast systems.

 The mast weight is not increased! (The in-mast systems open-aft mast section construction, decreases the moment of inertia dramatically and causes a + 60% mast section weight).

Weight of "in-boom" mainsails are lowered as reefs are taken, whereas the main remains fully hoisted with "in-mast" systems.

FurlerBoom can easily be installed on existing mast. No holes need to be drilled. 

FurlerBoom advantages over other in-boom furlers. 

FurlerBooms are fabricated from composite in a one-piece construction, which enables us to vary the laminate in accordance to the loads calculated. These loads are mainly depending on the yachts righting moment and mainsheet position. As a result, FurlerBoom are always lighter than furling booms made from aluminium extrusions.

The use of composite, enables us to make the boom tapered and sculptured.

FurlerBooms front fitted endless line drive device means that torque remains in the mandrel when sailing with main in reefed condition. In addition, it  gives minimum friction when furling as reefing line runs directly to the stand-up blocks at deck. Furthermore, it gives a constant power ratio as opposed to "drum type" furlers with decreasing power ratio and risk of line jamming. 

Furler boom for yachts of 35 tonnes and over

The FurlerBoom mast track can turn with the boom on the lower 4 m. (patented) This makes reefing and furling possible in up to 80° apparent wind angle. This also threats the bolt rope of the mainsail more gentle, giving it a longer lifetime. In addition, the curve at the lower part of the mast track, correctly flattens and de-powers the remaining mainsail when reefs are taken.

According to carbon mast builders, the FurlerBoom mast track is the best suitable track system for carbon masts.

We recommend halyard and reefing line to be driven by a powered winch.


FurlerBoom, mast track and kicker, can be fitted without drilling in the mast.(Masts with groove)

The aluminium mast track is easiest fitted on an un-stepped mast. (Approx. 3 hours). However, it can be done from a lift on the quay on a stepped mast.(Approx. 5-8 hours). To fit the FurlerBoom including the splice of the endless reefing line, kicker and sail, takes another 3-4 hours.

Safety at sea:

Nobody needs to go on deck to hoist, reef, or secure the mainsail for harbour manoeuvres. Main halyard and endless reefing line led to the cockpit, allow easy and safe mainsail control.

FurlerBooms sizes:

FurlerBoom T10
FurlerBooms for boats of max 10 tons displacement ...
FurlerBoom T15
FurlerBooms for boats of max 15 tons displacement ...
FurlerBoom T18
FurlerBooms for boats of max 18 tons displacement ...
FurlerBoom T20
FurlerBooms for boats of max 20 tons displacement ...
FurlerBoom T25
FurlerBooms for boats of max 25 tons displacement ...
FurlerBoom T35
FurlerBooms for boats of max 35 tons displacement ...







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